Flying Site details

New field location
Located on the Peakirk Rd 600m past Church st heading towards Deeping on the RH side.
(52. 661,-0.282)
Parking is on the LH side as you pull in to the track, no further along than the path to the patch!
Make sure you don’t block the track as it is used by other farmers, who will bring farm equipment down the track.

Flying times
Maximum 3 Petrol/glow up at any time.
• Mon to Thursday 10 to 5 any model as long as noise is below 82Dba
• Mon to Thursday 5 till dusk quiet electric only
• Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank holidays 10 to 1pm any model as long as noise is below 82Dba.
• Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank holidays 1pm till dusk quiet electric only.
Flying area
Please see picture for details, main NO fly areas are the over the Peakirk road and towards the Hedge line to the east near to the River Welland.

Pit area
No set pits at the moment, probably on the road side of the patch.
To be determined on the day and taking into account wind direction etc.

Aircraft landing in neighbouring fields
Please be aware that all the field surrounding our field are not owned by the same farmer,
If you land in one of these it is your responsibility to obtain permission to access that land!